Who and Why?

Born in the wilds of Clare, from a young age I have looked at the world through cartoon eyes. My dad was never without camera in hand. Following him through forests, up hills and under water, watching him put himself in precarious positions to capture something only he could, at that moment, understand the impact of, instilled in me a great curiosity and interest in taking photos. Slides and slide projectors – for those of you born post 1989 they went hand in hand with words like Walkman, Boombox and VCR – were my first glimpse of the joy of the still moment. Photography for me is fun, freeing and captures moments I would have since forgotten or reimagined.

I have a modicum of sense when it comes to invading people’s space and don’t like to trespass if I don’t have to, so if you know anyone in the OPW who would give me the keys to all those beautiful inaccessible, crumbling buildings of Ireland please drop me a mail! Also if you feel like commenting on my photos, or even having a rant about your day, both are welcome additions to this space. And most importantly, if you are thinking of buying any of my photos…g’wan you know you want to!

Thanks for visiting. Next time bring some cake…

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