Cats vs Dogs

This isn’t a diatribe about some local underground fight club you’ll be pleased to know…or not. It is more a rant about some domesticated animals. Cats to me are, by virtue of their fierce independence and shade throwing eyes, just plain creepy. They are like mean girls in school who know how to take you down without even moving, because that would require effort and you are just not worth it. Even when cats are just lolling about without a care in the world I suspect they are orchestrating our pitiful demise and telepathically communicating with their network of ‘hood cats on how the plan must be flawlessly executed to frame a loved one for the crime.


They occasionally love a rub of their oh-so-soft coats, coats I’m sure they only wear for human eyes so they look slightly more innocent and less like their shrivelled Sphynx counterparts, but if you aren’t willing to cooperate they will use your legs as rubbing posts anyway. My boyfriend rescued a cat from a tree recently and he didn’t even send us a thank you card, but still expected a rub next time we met. I feel this proves my point perfectly…


The fact that cats are by their very nature narcissistic means they are very easy to photograph and love to strike a pose in the manner of a Vogue cover girl which you’d think would please me, but mostly makes me turn my lens away in spite.


Dogs, while occasionally quite the dumbasses, are loyal, sweet natured (mostly) and very cute. However, their inability to stay calm and still, unless advanced in age, means getting a good picture of one is nigh on impossible, and really I would much rather sit down and pet one than bother taking their picture.


I guess you could file this under More Things I Don’t Like to Photograph. Maybe I should rethink the premise of this website… 

dog and man
Cats vs Dogs
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