Deep Fried South

Visiting new places has always been one of my favourite things to do. Couple that with my love of photography and you should have the perfect situation. I say should for three reasons. I have a lot of heavy equipment, nothing looks as good in pictorial form as it does in real life – except my face post-photoshop – and finally, there’s so much eating and drinking to be done who really has time for taking photos?

I was packing for this last trip and had to pare down from 5 lens to 2 and ditch the tripod. Mainly out of practicality but also out of laziness. I wasn’t willing to carry a 5kg bag of equipment on my holidays and spend half my time worrying about whether what I left behind was being robbed from my AirBnB on any given day.

Having recently travelled around Louisiana and Mississippi, I gained the weight of 100 deep fried, battered and honey covered shrimp, walked the length and breadth of New Orleans, drove across state lines, saw burlesque shows, attended music festivals and spent hours on a beautiful swamp tour. While the Tall Man was standing patiently by holding whatever needed to be held, I was snapping away thinking, oh I’d say I’ll have some good shots in there.

I did get a few pretty shots but I’m beginning to think even if someone gave me the best camera on the planet I’d still find something to complain about. What matters is, I SAW some really beautiful things and experienced something really unique so you’ll just have to imagine from the new photos I’ve posted just how damn beautiful a place the Deep South is.

If you’re lucky enough to go some day, eat and drink everything EXCEPT grits and an Oaxacan Old-Fashioned and take a swamp tour!

Deep Fried South
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