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All those years of Lens Envy (refer to previous ramblings) finally got me to the point of having too many lenses. What’s that saying… “comparing yourself to others gives you a pain in the face and a lighter pocket”? Anyway, you get my point, I acquired too much camera equipment over the years, most of which I had stopped using. So, in a rare moment of wisdom, I traded the lot in for a fancy new camera and lens and I got a surprisingly good deal. I cleverly hid my shocked face from the salesperson lest he lower the price – my game face is inscrutable*.

I brought the new kit on holidays with me recently and, although the lens is quite the heavyweight, my love for it overpowered my need to moan about my poor sore shoulders. It’s quite a step up from my old camera so I’ve taken to treating it like a new-born chick. So much so I am afraid to bring it places for fear my shiny new precious will attract the wrong sort of attention…can you tell I’m a woman still struggling under the weight of the unwanted male gaze? But that’s a whole other blog post…

Anyway, although I love my new camera, it is quite different and a bit more complicated than my old one but, I figure, if I can build a new e-commerce website by myself then it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of. Once I get over the fear of theft and unwanted glances, and if it ever stops raining, I may be able to take it out for a proper jaunt and get back to taking some nice pictures of this land I inhabit. In the meantime, I’ll be posting lots on social media to remind you that photos are a lovely, thoughtful Christmas gift for all the family, except maybe that curmudgeonly grandpa who says “sure don’t I have enough photos of you lot on the walls, what do I need a picture of an insect for?”

Still though, apart from living through wars and surviving ancient diseases, what does grandpa really know?

*utter lies

In the Trade
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