Pursuing Pops

If you’ve read my bio you’ll know I take after my dad with my love of photography, if not then why are you here reading my most personal musings on life? Having grown up getting papped from birth it’s easy to understand why I prefer being behind the camera and not in front of it. Looking back at those rolls upon rolls of thighs I had as a baby is actually reassuring, in that they have mostly gone…to be replaced elsewhere.

Anyway back to the point, my dad is, and has always been, poised and ready, camera in hand. Whether we were visiting far flung exotic beaches or driving like lunatics over the Conor Pass in Kerry there was always time to stop and take a photo. The man has a keen eye for composition and a determined will to get the shot he wants… by any means necessary. I wouldn’t like to shame him but he is officially known (to me at least) as The Bug Stalker. He has been known to see an interesting insect and, not quite having the time to get the exact right angle, taken it home with him for a cuppa and some madeira cake.

If the insects of this world had a miniature version of Interpol my pops would be on the top of their Most Wanted list. I have seen many an excellent macro shot with some suspiciously kitchen-like utensils in the background. Come to think of it I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one with some bathroom tiles in it too. While this may sound cruel and unusual punishment for the unsuspecting bugs, please don’t call the RSPCI just yet. Pops is in the habit of releasing all mini-models back into their natural habitat, relatively unharmed. Or so he tells me anyway.

He not only instilled in me a love of photography but has also managed to cure me of my lens envy after seeing him carry his camera, plus giant lens, in the manner of Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth. The sheer effort it takes to hold the thing, nevermind steady it to get a shot of a bird miles away, made me rethink my issues. The thing has a handle on it for dog’s sake!

In the spirit of the Hallmark day coming up this one’s for you Paw, the inimitable Grasshopper Grabber. 

Pursuing Pops
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