The Exhibitionist

I love a good show so I decided to put one on myself, minus the drama and theatrics. I hummed and hawed about doing an exhibition for so long and then when I finally got sick of listening to the voices in my head, I booked a space and started planning. The work that has gone into this show is all around the images and little else to be honest. I was asked for a bio; used an amended version of the one on here, and a name for the exhibition; Shutter to Think. I love a good pun so when I thought of the name it made me laugh. When I shared my idea, it was met with less than enthusiasm, but when I pointed out that it’s no more ridiculous than the name of this website it got a half smile. Job done!

The hardest part of the whole process was deciding what images I thought would be best to showcase what I love about photography. From a batch of 60 contenders, it has been narrowed down to 28 images with the help of a tall bearded gent whose wild cards, surprisingly, made it to the final cut. Although, I don’t usually like taking pictures of people – except at their weddings of course – two humans made it into the batch of images, one in silhouette and one in distance. Overall it is a collection of photographs that make me feel things…

I was also asked by the gallery for an artist’s statement, which pretty much describes the exhibition and how I feel about the highfalutin speak around these type of events.

“This exhibition is a selection of my favourite images from my travels in and outside of Ireland over the last 5yrs. I have no interest adding to the lofty intellectual waffle that sometimes surrounds art and photography. There is no grand overarching theme to the exhibition. I chose these particular photographs because the subjects simply captured my attention and fired my imagination. I love to take pictures. I hope you enjoy.”

If you come along, I really do hope you enjoy and if you don’t I gots me this new fancy eCommerce website where, without ever having to interact with me face to face, you can buy a framed photograph or print.

Shutter to Think takes place at the Copper House Gallery from June 28 – July 12, 2018. 

The Exhibitionist
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