For some photographers. i.e. me, social isolation is a delight. Lack of people crowding my shots, absence of screaming children, general peace and quiet. Although none of us could stray very far from home over the last few months it’s made me appreciate what’s on my doorstep a lot more. Turns out that’s a bunch of idiots who don’t know what 2m is…oh yes, and two beautiful parks that I have taken for granted in the decade I have lived here.  

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens is a scenic spot with fountains, tree lined avenues, pergolas, a rose garden and a temple. It is sometimes filled with people who don’t understand what a bike sign painted on the ground means…but my rage for that has no bearing on this particular thread of waffle. Honestly, even when full of people, this place is a gorgeous and peaceful spot to wander or just sit and watch life go by. Having misappropriated my dad’s fancy macro lens just before lockdown began, I managed to get some really nice shots of the cherry blossoms when they made their brief, but welcome, cameo there last week. See below.

I have been in Phoenix Park thousands of times and almost every time I find someplace I never knew existed. It’s bloody massive…I keep forgetting just how massive. Tired and sweating, thinking I’ve cycled 20km only to discover I’ve circled one little corner of the park can be disappointing, unless I have my camera in which case it’s just a legitimate looking excuse to take a wheeze break. There are some real hidden gems in this park and even rotting trees provide some excellent macro opportunities. Proof here!  

Lockdown for me has not just consisted of news, food, social media, news, food, sleep – though those have featured heavily – I have managed to discover new park nooks, taken some time to focus on macro photography again, read more books and generally slowed down my life to a point where I’m now bored and need my annual festivals and a jam-packed social calendar back.

Pandemic it’s been real, now get out of my shot and make room for new developments.

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